So I was idly scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day and I came across this Gem that one of my friends had posted. The premise, in a nutshell, is a guy scrimping and scavenging as is the norm in Day Z. He decides to enter a building with the hope of finding those illusive firearms or perhaps a stray can of beans that somebody my have left behind. He enters one room and there is a another player crouched down in a corner bleeding out with a rather menacing figure stood behind him. A message pops saying “I want something to eat!” followed by said menacing figure proceeding to beat the player bleeding out to death! Understandably freaked out by this whole ordeal, the player who’s eyes we are looking through slowly backs away but not before the EERIEST music I have ever heard given the situation starts to play over the chat and the shadowy figure proceeds to stalk this terrified player! Now given that Day Z is supposed to be about surviving a zombie apocalypse by any means necessary and that the zombies are supposed to be your main concern, encountering anything like this makes the zombie threat pale in comparison! I think I may add this game to list of games that I REFUSE to touch……..The other games being Slender and Outlast!

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