TF 4Tango Fiesta – 6/10

The 80’s. A time in cinema when you had the biggest action heroes go through hundreds of henchmen effortlessly, spout a one liner, and save the day. They were pretty silly looking back, but they still invoke a kind of dumb power fantasy that is still enjoyable to watch if you turn your brain off…

Penarium 4Penarium – 8/10

A lot of young children go bananas when they see that the circus is in town, the excitement of the wild but tamed animals, the laughter of the clowns and the dare devilry of the trapeze artists, Little Willy was no exception…


MGS 5Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – 10/10

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, developed and published by Konami, follows a mercenary named Big Boss, or more commonly referred to as Snake, whose base is destroyed by a shadowy organization known as Cypher and as a result he loses his arm…

until-dawn-logo1-700x389Until Dawn – 8/10

Until Dawn is a story based game and developed by Supermassive Games exclusively for the PS4. The story follows a group of 8 friends who visit a cabin in the mountains on the eve of their other friend’s disappearance a year prior. However things get spooky when it seems that there is a killer on the loose!…

partyhardhomepageParty Hard – 6/10

“Now it’s time to party and we’ll party hard!” Obvious Andrew W.K. references aside, this is Party Hard. A game not about partying to my surprise, but about stopping them in a way much like it would go down in Scream or any other 90’s horror film, with a knife and some well-timed “accidents”…


noir3Calvino Noir – 7/10

Calvino Noir is a stunning mix of beautiful scenery, well-spoken voice acting and addictive story telling; Set in 1930s Europe. It’s a game that combines both the side scrolling platform genre with the much needed and well-loved movie art style and no one can dislike…


GOT 2Game of Thrones ‘A Nest of Vipers’ – 8/10

So fans of Game of Thrones are probably familiar with what the second to last episode means for Game of Thrones. Executions, green fire and weddings. In short, it all goes down here! This usually lets the show have some sort of conclusion in the last episode, which isn’t an issue with games…

rare-replay-id-horiz-rgbRare Replay – 9/10

How do you go about reviewing 30 games all at once? Well we’ve got to start somewhere, so let us start at the beginning of this journey, Los Angeles, E3 2015. This announcement came from well out of left field during the Microsoft Conference this year and surprised the whole audience…

feistnew3Feist – 7/10

Feist, developed by Bits & Beasts and published by Finji, is a gorgeous looking romp through a forest as a small fluff ball killing woodland creatures with pine cones and sticks. The game took round about six years to create, and the backdrops and artwork are homage to the amount of time and effort put in, they’re stunningly beautiful…

The SwindleThe Swindle – 10/10

The Swindle is a game developed and published by British developer Size Five Games, with the British-ness shining through with some of the features in the game…


MoonbaseMoonbase 332 – 7/10

Moonbase 332 is a game developed by PatchNote Studio and I tell you what, its a lot of fun! The game is in the style of an old arcade shooter much like Duke Nukem 3D or Quake but this game boasts a lot more than that which I will come to later…


five-Nights-at-freddys-4Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 – 7/10

I’m somehow 4 days deep into the new addition to the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, a series of games that I myself have reviewed in the past. I love these games! The game-play mechanics, the presentation and the mysterious lore that have fans stumbling over YouTube videos and websites dedicated to the theories behind what truly happened at each location…

zombie-kill-of-the-week-coverZombie Kill of the Week: Reborn – 9/10

Zombie Kill of the Week-Reborn is an Indie action side scrolling shoot em up game developed by Still Running and published by Merge Games and Tagstar Games. The game has been in development for 4 years and came to Steam on 13th of March 2015 so the Steam audience hasn’t had it for too long…


LuckslingerLuckslinger – 7/10

Do YOU feel lucky, punk? No seriously, do you? Cause you’re going to need it if you want to survive in this game, as without it you’re going to have a hard time or end up dead. Luckslinger is a newly released hip-hop infused run n’ gun game by Duckbridge, who are a small indie team hailing from Holland…

PIxel A Pixel Story – 9/10

The recent trend in gaming seems to be making an up-scale HD version of successful games, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, The Last of Us, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition to name a few…


KholatKholat – 6/10

Indie horror games are two a penny these days, just look at Steam Greenlight and you won’t go far without running into one. Polish developers are trying their hand at it with Kholat, using the mystery of what happened in Russia’s Ural Mountains, known as the Dylatov Pass incident, as a backdrop for their game…

BatmanBatman: Arkham Knight – 9/10

Batman: Arkham Knight is a brawler and stealth based game with driving element, yeah I couldn’t quite nail down the genre of this one, developed by Rocksteady, published by Warner Bros, and available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux…

WitcherThe Witcher 3 – 9/10

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is a fantasy RPG available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Based on the Polish novel series Wiedźmin by author Andrzej Sapkowski, Witcher 3 follows the story of Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter for hire who is on the trail of his adopted daughter Ciri, whose mystical powers have attracted the attention of the wraith like Wild Hunt…

GOTGame of Thrones ‘Son’s of Winter’ – 9/10

It’s a strange coincidence between this episode and the show at the time of release. Both have reached points with a lot of pay-off to storyline’s. Not a complete pay-off, but you can see it coming. Hopefully it won’t feel like five years of wasted investment and will actually, you know, pay-off. Unlike a certain season finale we could mention…

PSPredator Simulator – 3/10

Do you like lions? Do you like killing things as a lion? Then you might just like Predator Simulator by GameIndica Entertainment. Let’s get some things out of the way before we look into the gameplay elements. First and foremost, it’s developed in Unity…


CosmachcoriaCosmochoria – 8/10

It’s truly been a long time since I’ve come across a game that oozes with fun, joy and even wonder. When it comes to gaming, recently, we’re often thrown into worlds with intense narrative, a best push for the best graphics and an ever increasing amount to remember on the control pad…

KaijuKaiju A Gogo – 7/10

I think that everyone has a soft spot for Godzilla, right? The appetite for destruction, creative monster attacks; it’s so cathartic and enjoyable.There doesn’t seem to be any real Kaiju simulator, but Kaiju-A-GoGo by Kerberos Productions will hopefully wet your appetite…


WWE 2K15WWE 2K15 – 3/10

“Finally, the WWE has come back, to PC!”. From first glance it’s looking damn good on the surface of all these oiled up sweaty wrestlers. But what lies beneath this? Is it all a wonderland and amazing gameplay, or is there a flaw in the core than shocks the whole system to a grinding halt?…


UncannyUncanny Valley – 7/10

Uncanny Valley is an indie game developed and published by Cowardly Creations and one which I have been a eagerly anticipating, especially after Markiplier played the game about 3 months ago…



ShelterShelter – 10/10

Shelter 2, a game developed by Might and Delight for the PC, Mac and Linux, is pretty straightforward. You are a mother Lynx who has just given birth to a pack of adorable cubs, who you are tasked with raising to adulthood. Or leave them to die if you’re a heartless jerk…

HeckabombHeckabomb – 6/10

Heckabomb is a twin-stick arcade shoot-em-up, developed by Allicom Games and published by KISS Ltd, and is available on Steam right now…

GTAV-ReviewGTA V (PC) – Rating 10/10

In case you have been living under a rock for the last year, or past 14 years if you want to include past entries into the series,Grand Theft Auto V is a game which has been developed by Rockstar North and Published by Rockstar Games


ACC 4Assassins Creed Chronicles: China – Rating 7/10

Assassins Creed Chronicles: China, the new addition to the Assassin’s Creed franchise, is a completely new experience in both game-play, strategy and appearance. As a refreshing departure from the main series, we are able to take control of a brand new protagonist…

MK X 7Mortal Kombat X – Rating 9/10

The Mortal Kombat series, with Mortal Kombat X available now for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and on 360 and PS3 2nd June, is one of the longest running and well known fighting games in the industry, spawning off into Films, TV Shows, Comics, the list goes on…

Bloodborne 6Bloodborne – Rating 7/10

Bloodborne is a Hack and Slash RPG developed by From Software, a company named solely for the purpose of spawning an Abbott and Costello sketch, “It’s a game by From Software.” “From which software?” “No, it’s from Softwhere.”…

MP 4Mario Party 10 – Rating 3/10

We got ourselves a new Mario Party for the Wii U after the last one was released for the Wii three years ago in 2012. But what’s stayed, what’s different, and is it enough to warrant a purchase?…


FNAF 4Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 – Rating 8/10

Five Night’s at Freddy’s has returned once again and just as always it’s beautifully creepy and just as willing to make us feel helpless against the lovable cuddly monsters that reside in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. Only this time, we arrive around the present day.


Hotline 5Hotline Miami 2 – Rating 9/10

Hotline Miami was a violent, gory game with a thumping soundtrack orchestrating the ultra-violence throughout, while poking fun at the state of current games and asking you as a player, “Do you enjoy all the killing?”. It was praised universally, and was bloody good fun…

BorderlandsBorderlands: The Handsome Collection – Rating 9/10

I’m not quite sure what kind of relationship I have with the Borderlands series. I really didn’t like the first one. Maybe I took the claim the wrong way…


Tormentum 4Tormentum – Rating 10/10

Tormentum – Dark Sorrow is an Indie Action Point and Click adventure game developed and published by OhNoo studio, a 3 man team who have high aspirations for entertainment and developing fantastic games and I have to say they nailed this one…

GOT 5Game of Thrones Episode 3 – Rating 10/10

Before I talk about the episode proper, it feels necessary to clear up a few things regarding Game of Thrones as a series. So far the episodes have taken place, if not prior to, during the first few episodes of season 4…


Meatbags 4Freaking Meatbags – 9/10

Freaking Meatbags, developed by Wild Factor and published by Plug In Digital, is a beautifully simple looking game with a complex system of exploration, survival and wonder…


Screamride 4Screamride – 8/10

Screamride is an ‘easy to play, difficult to master’ physics/puzzle game published by Microsoft and developed by Frontier Developments available for the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. This game itself places you in three different roles…


Foresight 4Foresight – Rating 6/10

Foresight is an indie Real Time Strategy game developed by Strides Interactive and published by KISS Ltd. The game presents itself as a new RTS game that brings a different sense of strategy to the table in the form of wormholes…


Assignment 5The Evil Within: The Assignment – Rating 9/10

I’ll open up this review with a summary; if The Evil Within was as atmospheric and tense as it’s first DLC drop then it would have been one hell of a ride. There hasn’t been a game for a while that genuinely creeped me out…and I mean really freaky shit…

DBZ 6Dragonball Xenoverse – 6/10

Seriously, is there anyone who doesn’t know about Dragonball Z at this point? The manga series by Akira Toriyama was a monster hit in Japan, and managed to become a colossal success in the West, helping to inspire Anime’s rise in popularity in the late 90s…

SurvivalistSurvivalist – Rating 10/10

Survivalists is an Indie RPG survival game developed by Bob The Game Development Bot, released on PC on January 30th 2015 and has so far been met with an amazing reception. People seem to really enjoy this game and with good reason!


EvolveEvolve – Rating 10/10

Evolve, developed by Turtle Rock Studios and published by 2K, is entirely multiplayer focused with no story mode, making the game feel more focused than say Titanfall, which slapped on a story that had no real meat to it…


GOT 5Game of Thrones Episode 2 – Rating 8/10

Reviewing an episodic game is kind of redundant, since there is little to no gameplay changes between episodes, unless Telltale decides to put actual combat mechanics into their game…


Grim 5Grim Fandango – Rating 9/10

Grim Fandango has returned! Originally developed by Lucas Arts and released in 1998, Double Fine, makers of great games like Brutal Legend, The Cave and Broken Age, have remastered this classic for a new generation….

Gravity 4Gravity Ghost – Rating 8/10

Gravity Ghost is a physics based gravity puzzler with a story, created by a team of indie developers at Ivy Games who between them all have a huge background in developing all sorts of indie titles. The story is one that can tug at the heart once it’s all figured out, but it also has some really cool gravity mechanics, allowing you to slingshot around planets to gain momentum….

Escapists 3The Escapists (Xbox One) – Rating 9/10

The Escapists is a top down RPG puzzle game, created by Mouldy Toof Studios and published by Team17 Digital, available for Windows with an Xbox One version coming February 13th….

This war 5This War of Mine – Rating 7/10

This War of Mine. A game set in a war zone. Nothing really different right? But what if you’re not part of the forces involved, and instead are just a civilian, a casualty of war, caught in the crossfire and just trying to survive to the next day….

GOT 5Game of Thrones Episode One – Rating 10/10

I’ll give the layman’s backstory of the game; House Forester is a family responsible for the upkeep of a valuable type of tree known for it’s strength and value as a resource….

Freddys 2 4Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 – Rating: 9/10

Ah! The day was Monday, we all know what that means. The usual start to the long week ahead of the mundane time consuming process in what ever that takes up our lives….

Silence 3Silence of the Sleep – Rating: 9/10

Silence of the Sleep is a game that hits a lot of genres. It’s a psychological 2D horror adventure game on the PC and has been developed by Jesse Makkonen….

Smash 4Super Smash Bros for Wii U – Rating 9/10

Super Smash Bros. It’s had a couple of iterations, beginning on the N64 in 1999, moving to the Gamecube with Melee in 2002, then coming to the Wii in 2008. This latest iteration, for 3DS and WiiU, was teased at E3 2011, and finally released on 3DS early October 2014….

NN 4Neverending Nightmares – Rating: 8/10

Neverending Nightmares takes you to a place you never thought a video game could. It has been a very long time since anything has truly scared the shit out of me and boy has this game done it….

Ass 5Assassin’s Creed Unity – Rating: 8/10

Assassins Creed: Unity, available now on the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC, takes place on the eve of the French Revolution and follows Arno Dorian, who is framed for the murder of a prominent noble and seeks the guidance of an ancient order of assassins….

Halo-Master-Chief-CollectionHalo: Master Chief Collection – Rating: 8/10

Have you ever had that one game that defined your childhood? One game that you always go back to with fond memories and a tingly feeling of nostalgia? The game that you can’t really defend the faults of, but you love it regardless? For me that game was Halo: Combat Evolved for the Xbox….

Sunset 5Sunset Overdrive – Rating: 9.5/10

So what would you get if you combined the weapons of Ratchet and Clank, with the fast paced combo stringing movement of Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and the visual style of Tank Girl with a bit of Scott Pilgrim?….

GG 3Guilty Gear XX – Rating: 7/10

Guilty Gear XX is a fighting game by Arc System Works, and available for…well, just about everything, from the Playstation to the XBLA to the Wii. And that’s taking into account all the different versions. Guilty Gear X, Guilty Gear XX, Guilty Gear XXX wait…that might be something else entirely….

Alien 6Alien Isolation – Rating: 8/10

Alien Isolation, created by The Creative Assembly and published by Sega, follows Amanda Ripley, who travels to a space station called Sevastopol in order to retrieve a flight recorder…

FIFA 4FIFA 15 – Rating: 8/10

The month was September. The Premier League season is barely 8 games old…and it is time. Time for football fans and gamers alike to join together and get royally hacked off with a game for the next 12 months. That game, of course, is EA’s standard football jaunt…FIFA….

Ionball 3Ionball 2 – Rating: 9/10

In the birth of home gaming (1980’s), the simplest of premises was quite often the most enjoyable as well as the most frustrating, Arkanoid was one of these games. All you had to do was hit a ball and break some blocks, move on to the next level and repeat.

Toast 3Toast Time – Rating: 10/10

You know what I’m sick of? Games that try to be retro. Maybe this is coming from a person who grew up during the Playstation era…

destiny 2Destiny – Rating: 7/10

Destiny, available now for Playstation 3 and 4, and Xbox 360 and One, is set in a world where humanity was advanced by an artefact discovered on Mars, Commander Shepard must…Wait….

Blackbay 4Blackbay Asylum – Rating: 7/10

Blackbay Asylum. Created by Sweden based developer TAD Productions AB, this is there front running game and what a way to start it off!…

Freddys 3Five Nights at Freddy’s – Rating: 8/10

While I’m sure most game fanatics such as myself are blasting their way through Bungie‘s Destiny this week, some of us may have spent the build up to its release fixated on other games to ease the pain of not being able to play it beforehand….

Among 4Among The Sleep – Rating: 8/10

Among The Sleep; because the mind of a baby is truly messed up! The game, by Krillbite Studios, stars an unnamed, silent protagonist, who is silent because he hasn’t mastered speech yet. Or the toilet for that matter. That’s right, you’re a baby!…

Morph 3Morphopolis – Rating 3/10

Morphopolis, by Micro Macro Games and available on Steam now, is a strange game to describe….

Planet 4Lifeless Planet – Rating: 6/10

When I was asked to play an indie game for the site called Lifeless Planet, by Stage 2 Studios and available on Steam now, I half expected yet another game which drops you into a Day Z clone with no instructions and a server full of assholes….

SCP 4SCP Containment Breach – Rating: 7/10

Face your fears and don’t you dare look away in SCP Containment Breach! Developed by Joonas Rikkonen, this single player horror game is free to download from the SCP Containment Breach site and has spawned many videos on YouTube of other gamers experiences….

Esther 4Dear Esther – Rating: 8/10

Dear Esther, created by The Chinese Room and available now on Steam, was released in 2012 and received much critical acclaim, winning ten major awards in 2012….

The Fall 4The Fall – Rating: 8/10

The Fall, available now on Steam, hails from that hotbed of current gaming releases from Canada and is developer Over the Moon’s first title to be released since the company began in January 2013….

Stanley 6The Stanley Parable – Rating: 9/10

Galactic Cafe have released something quite unique in the form of The Stanley Parable. The Stanley Parable follows the life of, strangely enough, a character called Stanley whose life revolves around working in an office performing tasks in a robotic manner alongside his similarly robotic colleagues….

Sanc 4Sanctuary – Rating: 8/10

Sanctuary, by Black Shell Games, at its heart is a throwback to the games of the late 1970’s to mid-1980’s, a text-based driven game using ASCII characters for level design and visual effects….

actual 3Actual Sunlight – Rating: 6/10

Having heard all of the talk on the internet about Actual Sunlight on PC and Linux and seeing it on the Steam Summer Flash Sale for less than £1, I decided I would take the plunge into an interactive story like nothing else I’ve ever played….

Ether OneEther One – Rating: 7/10

Developed by White Paper Games for the PC, Ether One is a game with an idea. What if you could help those suffering from dementia, by going into their memories and restoring them?….

Dont-Eat-PeopleDont Eat People – Rating: 10/10

Developed by Piasa Games for iOS devices and Android phones, Don’t Eat People is in the same vane of games like Flappy Bird in that it’s insidiously simple. You control a giant monster who eats cows, which are stampeding over a cliff towards you….

2318011-2229905-daylightwhitetrns1jpg_9f1140Daylight – Rating: 3/10

‘Procedurally generated’ was a big selling point for Zombie Studios horror game. After being showcased alongside Outlast as being one of the first revolutionary horror games for the PS4, I waited for the release date like a fat child stands outside the sweet shop door at 8:59am; eager to burst in and taste the goods….

Metal Gear 1Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes – Rating: 8/10

If you haven’t bought this game yet, then I urge you read this review before making up your mind. For everything I’m about to say about the game, there is also a lot to consider before picking this one up….

South_Park_the_Stick_of_Truth_Wallpaper_1South Park: The Stick of Truth – Rating: 9/10

How often have you picked up a movie or television licensed game, only to find that it sucks balls? There are very few exceptions that I can think of (namely Spiderman 2, the Capcom Disney games and The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay), but now we can add another game to the list….

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