It was brought to our attention through a reader, Woody Woodward to be exact, of a potential clue to future GTA V DLC content. As you can see in the picture, he has marked what appears to be an individual who looks suspiciously like a Zombie! Now we are probably reading to much into this, but does this point to a Zombie Apocalypse DLC in the future? Rockstar created Undead Nightmare for Red Dead Redemption and that was a runaway success so they would be foolish not to at least TRY something similar for GTA V. Considering the vast scale of the game, there are endless possibilities that they could play with. Maybe involve Trevor, Michael and Franklin fighting their way through Los Santos to try and stay alive? Perhaps involve a new cast of characters in some sort of spoof of The Walking Dead or one of the films of the master of the Zombie flick, George A Romero? Again, with the Zombie genre at the peak of popularity at the moment, Rockstar would be wise to cash in on this. But on the other hand Rockstar are known for creating award winning and fresh content so they could go in a completely different direction. What will they decide to do, (other than the DLC that they have already announced including the three main characters from the Story mode) only time will tell!

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