It would be very easy to assume that the title of this article refers to those utter barstools that play COD by spinning around in circles before shooting you at point blank with a sniper rifle and then scream about your mum and what position she will be in that night as he just “quick-scoped” you. As much as I would like to tear down their delusions of what they think is being skilful at a FPS is I have a completely different snag to complain about (but don’t worry, I’ll get back onto them later). I was playing Battlefield 4 the other day and a curious thought came into my head; why the hell do they give sniper rifles an attachment that points a laser out of the scope? Now it’s easy enough to come up with an answer for this. It allows the player to fully customize their soldier and gun in any way they choose (even if it’s a worse idea than customizing a grenade by putting a bungee cord on it). But think about it. Why would a sniper, a stealth based class with the sole purpose of being as hidden and inconspicuous as possible, want to attach a bright red laser that shines in the enemies’ face to their gun? Think about how many games you have played where this happens, and how I have just ruined the experience for you by pointing this out…you’re welcome. The main reason for this, at least in the campaign of a game, is so that the player knows where the enemies are so they can sneak through an area without having their face turned into a bullet patty. I’ll argue this reason into the ground as well.

If a single player campaign is trying to achieve levels of immersion that multiplayer can’t then surely it would make more sense for the snipers to be hidden and the player have to actively seek them out and sneak through. Or am I just being a detail whore? The answer is no and you know it. This is a result of developers holding our hands and walking us through the soft padded room full of cuddly toys that games have become in the past couple of years. If it’s not bright red lasers pointing in your face like awkward old people staring at you on the bus then it’s squad mates shouting positions and highlighting enemies on screen. Now considering Big Burly Clive and Hench-as Harry (fellow squad mates) have done nothing for the past couple of hours to help you in any way, it just feels strange that they suddenly perk up and start yelling at you when you don’t want the help. Go away Clive and Harry, you’re not wanted. It’s crazy to think that a thin red light is the difference between tense, smart gameplay and typical, boring objective chasing. It’s a short and sweet article this week but I’ll be back over the weekend when I find something else to complain about/ponder over. Speaking of complaining, your mum didn’t do much when I was round your house last night. Now shove that quick-scope up your arse and get off Xbox LIVE, it’s 10:30 and you’re up for school at 7. See, I told you I’d get back to them later. Also if anyone reading this is a dedicated quick-scoping nut job, then I don’t apologise. It’s not skill, it doesn’t look good, and you’re a douche bag. Happy Friday.




  1. LOL! This article is awesome… a good point about the lasers. But in reality, are they easy to locate? I’m sure its more beneficial for the shooter than the person getting shot. At least the person knows he’s about to sniped if he does something against the snipers wishes… Or so, that’s what happens in the movies.

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