Awesome news! Battle Misfit has was given a sneak peak at an upcoming, soon to be released indie game, which has won the 2012 Dare to be Digital award in Scotland and was nominated for a BAFTA in March 2013, designed by Lamplight Studios, a small team of post graduates from Salford university. We got the chance to meet up with level designer Ross Hopwood who took great pride in showing us this epic adventure set inside a world contained in a computer, too right as well as nearly 3 hours went past until the fun had to be stopped for a little bit of work that needed to be done.  

The title of the game is ‘A Pixel Story,’ a puzzle platform adventure for PC that stars a lost program as our protagonist, on a quest to collect memory to reach the core of a computer system. The game spans across 4 very well thought out and designed stages that have you feeling like you’re travelling through time. This is due to how the graphics in the game upgrade as you progress through each stage, from early pixel graphics to smoother, making the world seem bigger and bigger the more you play. Those that have grown up playing the likes of the NES and still remember humming the theme tune to Tetris will also appreciate the music, which also upgrades as you travel through the worlds perfectly matching the environments you visit.  Not only do the graphics and audio change as you progress, so too do the mechanics of the game, new abilities are added in order to complete ever increasingly difficult puzzles. On your journey you will also meet the worlds inhabitants that add humourbroaden your understanding of the world around you and give you quests to complete. For the hardcore puzzle gamers there’s even more! There’s more memory to gather in extra difficult puzzles in challenge rooms, if you’re like me and have to complete a game 100%, this too reveals even more.  Make sure to look out for easter eggs throughout, whether its the characters you meet, the things they say or the nice touches to objects in the background, this game will have your nostalgia taste buds tingling and your reference knowledge surprising you.

We cant wait for this game to come out and hope that you will head over to to have a greater look and also keep an eye on the development process. Speaking from our lucky experience getting to play this game we can definitely say this is one to look out for! Not only is the story, its graphics, audio and puzzles exciting; the ever challenging stages will surely grab you with an addiction to complete as much as possible! Either that or you could wait till someone has solved the puzzle you’re stuck on and posted a ‘how to’ video on YouTube!

To keep up to date with A Pixel Story, its development and how you can get it once released; make sure to check out, on twitter @LamplightGames or search Lamplight Studios on Facebook. not forgetting to keep an eye on us here at Battle Misfit for any more news we can get our hands on!

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