Getting to play the Titanfall beta last week was an absolute treat! I spent quite a lot of time on it like it was a full game trying to unlock as much as I could to see what the real deal would be like. I can definitely say I am very much looking forward to this one.
After getting past the first few control tutorials it let us out on to a battle tutorial where we took down other foot soldiers, although we weren’t set on taking down other plays, we were simply let loose on a load of cannon fodder. After which, we took down a titan before finally getting to use one ourselves on more cannon fodder and other titans. While being on foot was something a little more than what we are used to in other first person shooter games, summoning your titan like a Gundam from the sky feels and looks brilliant! It feels even better when it squashes your enemies on landing. Another satisfying aspect is going for a rodeo ride on the back of an enemy titan and taking it down like Rico on the back of a giant bug in Starship Troopers. However I feel that all these nice features are just the cherries on top of a very nice cake. The gameplay itself and the way I found myself using the map and my various weapons in the fight were all valuable. As well as this the action doesn’t stop, unless you’re hiding in the corner of the map due to the grunts and other bullet magnets that are roaming the battlefield.

Considering the player and titan set ups before we battles; you unlock more weapons, items and “burn card” (perks you can activate after being killed and teabagged!) by simply gaining exp points and levelling up like you do in COD. Although we didn’t see it on the beta, it looks like we will be able to pick the chassis of our titans depending on the type of player you want to be. Although we came to the conclusion that the one we were using in the beta might be a bit of a later unlockable as the stats did seem quite good.

We are very much looking forward to this one and I was only disappointed by the fact that I was only playing the beta and it’s gone offline until 11th March, making it no longer available to play. Although it was only two maps, I was hooked and didn’t get bored of either. To all those I shall be up against when the full game does come out I only have one warning! Watch your back, I’m a big fan of rodeo-ing your titan down and assassinating from behind. For grunts, a nice boot to the face takes them down in one and at one point I took 6 in a row down with flying kicks which is so satisfying and slightly hilarious!


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