Today I just thought I would take time out to mention the guys over at ‘What’s Your Tag? and what a fantastic website they have over there!

From the latest video game news, to reviews and comic strips in the same vain as our own comic strips, these guys have it covered. They also have a weekly feature called ‘Nerd Wars’, which poses those all important questions in gaming such as ‘What is the best Bromance in gaming?’ and the minefield that is ‘Battlefield or COD?’ (I’m sure a lot of you would have more than enough to say on why one game is better than the other one!). They also have Polls for these questions so you can add your two cents to the debate!

If those arn’t enough for you then they even have channels on Twitch for live streaming in case “That sort of thing is your bag……Baby!” (a little Austin Powers quote for you there!) Each of the guys have a channel for streaming so chances are one of the will be on there streaming something, and you never know it could be one of your favourite games so that makes it well worth tuning in!

If any of this takes your fancy heres the link to the site whatsyourtagblog.com , you wont be disappointed……….and if you are I will eat my own head! (But you wont be so my head is safe!)


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