As some of my friends will know, on the 24th of March (3 days from now, as I write this) I will setting off to the gaming and tech capitol of the world, Japan! I can’t put into words how excited I am and how anxious I will be once I’m there. While I’m there I’ll make sure to find as many game related places as possible, we have compiled a list of places around where we are staying throughout our time there.
In Osaka we will be visiting the space station bar where we will be knocking back the alcohol and playing on literally any console of our choice from the Famicom to the Dreamcast and beyond. Later into our holiday we’ll be in tokyo where there is so much to do, we will try in fit as much in as possible like the Dark Souls cafe, Square Enix shop and all the game shops where you can still buy a Super Nintendo and all it’s games in excellent condition!
Make sure to stay posted on my next entry when I return in two weeks and wish me luck. I hope I can do everything I can to cram all the exciting stuff into one trip!

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