Machine Games


After Wolfenstein: The New Order gained great reviews by the critics and gamers who played it, developer Machine Games has shown interest in producing a sequel.

In an interview with Giant Bomb, Machine Games Creative Director Jens Matthies  stated that:

“We would love to do a sequel. We have a very, very clear idea of what we accomplished with this game, and what we want to accomplish with a sequel.”

He also stated that given the length of time that it takes a game like Wolfenstein to be produced, there is less room to manoeuvre in publishing a sub par product or game. Matthies likened making the game to polishing a diamond and has ideas on how to polish it further and make a great sequel.

“I think we were able to polish that diamond a lot more than we have ever been able to in the past, but we still have new ideas for how we can polish it even further. If there is one grand lesson, it’s probably that: to take pre-production even one step further. After the next game, it’ll be the same thing again and again. [laughs]”

Wolfenstein: The New Order is available now for Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One, and PC

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