GTA Online

Rockstar North, The developer of GTA Online, has release new download content in time for the American holiday Independence Day (Will Smith not included!)

Coming via the Rockstar News Wire, the GTA Online update is available to download now and is entirely free and gives players the chance to buy the Liberator Monster Truck and the Sovereign Motorbike.

The Liberator

Players can download new weapons, accessories and clothing such as a Musket Rifle and a Firework Rocket Launcher. As well as these new items players also have the opportunity to own several new properties around Los Santos and Rockstar have also given players the ability to set off up to 12 different fireworks from the lawn’s of any homes that have one.

This content will be available till around mid-July. Another interesting feature that Rockstar has added to GTA Online is something called ‘On-Call Matchmaking’. This lets players continue to wander round in free roam until the job lobby has filled, effectively cutting down lobby waiting times. A full list of new features and patches can be found here

gta Independence 2


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