So, as the leaks mostly predicted correctly, Mario Kart 8 is indeed getting some downloadable content in the form of new tracks, characters and karts. On top of this, Nintendo have already previously announced that there will be an update for the game today, which when downloaded adds an overview map to the screen when racing, and changes the default option after the race to be “Next Race”, instead of “View Highlight Reel”, which I can tell you from personal experience, is welcome greatly. It also adds in the ability to check out your stats overall from your MK career, such as amount of times drifted and total coins collected (which is handy as you need 10k coins to unlock the Gold Gilder, and there was no way before of knowing how many you had).

Upon starting the game now, the main menu now has a 6th option below MK TV, Shop. Going into here shows and allows you to net the first DLC for the game, the Mercedes Benz pack, granting you access to a Mercedes GLA , W-25 Silver Arrow , and the 300SL Roadster , as well as a new wheel style, which is a nice re-skin of the default type.

But that’s not all. It also mentions about two DLC packs coming to the game. The first of these being “The Legend of Zelda x Mario Kart 8” pack, which will be available in November 2014, for £7 or $7.99.

This will contain;

  • 3 new characters. Tanooki Mario and Cat Peach from Super Mario 3D World, as well as Link from the Legend of Zelda series
  • 4 new vehicles, of which only one has been revealed so far, the Blue Falcon from F-Zero
  • 2 new cups, giving a total of 8 new courses. Wario’s Gold Mine from the Wii iteration has been confirmed, as well as a track relating to the world of The Legend of Zelda.

The second pack shown is the “Animal Crossing x Mario Kart 8” pack, available in May 2015, for the same price.

This pack will contain;

  • 3 new characters. The Villager (also in Super Smash Bros 3DS/WiiU) and Isabelle both from Animal Crossing, and Dry Bowser, who was previously in Mario Kart Wii.
  • 4 new vehicles, which haven’t been revealed yet.
  • 2 cups, giving another 8 tracks. Again, it’s assumed that there will be at least 1 track based off the Animal Crossing theme.

If you wish to buy both, you can do so for the cheaper price of £11/$11.99, which will net you a nice saving and the DLC the day of release, as well as eight more colours for Yoshi and Shy Guy to use right now!

So, is this enough to warrant a purchase of the DLC, or do you feel like you have had your fill of Mario Kart 8? Let us know in the comments!





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