Tony Hawk has announced via Twitter that he and Activision are hard at work on a brand new entry into the Tony Hawks Pro Skater franchise.

In what is sure to excite skateboard fans (myself included), Hawk announced that the title will be coming to consoles after a 4 year gap between the release of Tony Hawk: Ride and Tony Hawk: Shred, both of which were a critical and commercial failures the later only selling 3000 and in turn putting the franchise on hold.

This news comes after Hawk revealed that his venture into mobile gaming, Shred Session, was put on hold indefinitely through a preceding tweet, although no insight into why this is was given. Hawk did however announce another mobile game will be coming along side a console release.

Most of the games in the Tony Hawk franchise were critically acclaimed, with the first 6 games getting mostly between 80-90% from reviewers and always having a great soundtrack for each game. Activision got the nostalgia glands pumping by releasing a HD remake for Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 in 2012.

Are you looking forward to a new Tony Hawk console game? Let us know in the comments below!




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