Playstation have started rolling out emails which state gamers will get five extra days of PS+ for free due to the disruption cause over the Xmas period.


For you to receive this you will have to do absolutely nothing, as the extension will be applied automatically.  This applies to all Playstation Plus members who had an active trial on 25th December and even includes people who were using the free trial.

As seen in the above picture, Playstation stated that:

“We are extending your PlayStation Plus membership for 5 days. The extension will be applied automatically and no action is necessary to receive the extension. This is to thank you for your patience during the PSN service interruption over the holidays and applies to all PlayStation Plus members that had an active membership or free trial on December 25th.”

On top of this, it was also announced by Playstation a couple of days ago that they will be offering PS+ members a 10% off voucher for the Playstation Store. This will be available to use from 23rd January to 26th January. However the voucher is excluded from use with Pre-Orders, PS Plus, Music Unlimited, rental video content, and transactions made on PlayStation Store via the PS Vita, PlayStation TV or PSP content





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