I think that everyone has a soft spot for Godzilla, right? The appetite for destruction, creative monster attacks; it’s so cathartic and enjoyable.There doesn’t seem to be any real Kaiju simulator, but Kaiju-A-GoGo by Kerberos Productions will hopefully wet your appetite. You play as a mad scientist bent on world domination, sending out his giant robot to conquer cities and create destruction. Your aim is to destroy enough of the city to make them surrender, while dealing with the military’s attempts to stop you. As time goes on you start building up your base, generating more and more resources, thus allowing you to upgrade your mech with new weapons and systems, using resources collected during your missions.

Each city gets more and more difficult, which you can choose at any time, so you need to learn which cities have the best defenses, introducing more sci-fi weapons like laser tanks and rocket jets. This leads to planning attacks around the edges of the screen to escape at a moments notice, allowing you to return later to finish the job, though the city will have gotten some of its morale back, making your job much harder if you keep leaving at the first sign of trouble.


It is a slow game for sure. A lot of waiting for repairs, training new weapons and time for constructing buildings. Even when attacking buildings it’s slow and even kind of relaxing. This isn’t the kind of game you will want to focus on, it’s like Pandemic in that it’s the kind of game you can play while you’re having a chat or watching a movie. Truth be told it can come across as tedious at times, but it’s surprisingly desirable to come back to. It feels worth it to see what weapons you can create next and what’s waiting for you around the next corner.

At present there is only one Kaiju available, in the form of Gigantasaurus, a robotic T-Rex. However more monsters have been teased, including a carnivorous plant that resembles Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors, and a Giant Robot Gorilla that appears to have electrical powers. Perhaps they will come out with others down the line, but I can’t speculate if they’ll redefine gameplay. More likely they’ll be something to make you pick up the game later down the line.


The game is slow paced, but kind of relaxing; if you like Pandemic and Eve Online, where there is usually something else going on in the background, then you’ll get a kick out of this. It’s art style and animations are appealing, and it has a fun sense of humour, however it can be tedious and demands patience on your part. You’ll spend a lot of time going to and from the same city, which always requires a cool down while the Kaiju goes back to the base, get repaired and has to travel all the way back to the city.

The game isn’t all that hard when you get down to it. You just need to know when to run away, which takes away from the challenge since there isn’t much to the strategy. Weapons and abilities don’t really help you adapt to new situations all that much, as much as they help define the strategy that you’re going for. On the whole the game is fun, however you will need to be in the right mindset to enjoy it. I recommend trying the flash version of Pandemic 2 to see if this type of game is right for you.

Rating: 7/10

+ Cathartic and stress reliving

+ Fun art style and humour

+ Tons of variation in weapons and enemies

– No real challenge or strategy

– Can be tedious at times


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