Announced via the Playstation Blog, Sony have announced which games will be given away to Playstation Plus subscribers in the month of September.

For the first time Sony have given you the ability to choose one of the games that will be given away for free, titled ‘Vote to Play‘, Grow Home was the game that subscribers decided would be free this month on PS4. Other games that will be free to download on the PS4 will be Super Time Force Ultra and Xeodrafter, both of which will also be available on PS Vita, and Teslagrad, which will also be available on PS3.

Also available to download will be Twisted Metal for PS3 and La-Mulana Ex for the PS Vita. There is also still time to download this month free games Lara Croft and The Temple of Osiris, Limbo, Sound Shapes, Stealth Inc 2, God of War Ascension, and Castle Storm


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