Ubisoft have revealed a sneak peak at one of the Operators that will feature in one of the upcoming DLC drops for Rainbow Six: Siege


Coming via Ubisoft’s Japanese Twitter profile, a picture was posted of the operator decked out in full gear, wearing a bandana over their face (Which kind of reminds us of Ghost from Call of Duty a little) and holding an Assault Rifle. The caption underneath is all in Japanese but roughly translates (According to Bing!) as follows:

“Rainbow Six siege’ Japan Special assault troops”SAT”operator delivery decided in the fall of 2016! Wait continued for more information!

As stated above, the DLC drop looks to be coming out around Autumn time with plenty more details to follow.

Ubisoft has recently released an update for R6: Siege named Black Ice, featuring two new Operators and a new map. However, all has not gone smoothly with the new update, adding more game breaking bugs than it has fixed. A YouTube video by Airyeezy1995 clearly displays just a small selection of the issues:

It looks like Ubisoft has acknowledged the majority of the bugs and issues and is working to get the resolved as soon as possible.

Are you looking forward to the new Japanese Operator? Please let us know in the comments below!



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