A Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed that the white Xbox One will be available to buy later this year.

The Microsoft spokesperson revealed that bundles containing Madden NFL 15 and Insomniac Games Sunset Overdrive would be available to buy later on this year, with the Madden NFL 15 bundle available at the same time the game is launched on August 26th for $399 in America. This bundle is being sold for the same price as the Kinect-less bundle so gamers will be getting Madden NFL 15 for no extra cost and will also receive three Pro Packs for Madden Ultimate team.

However there is no word on the release date or price of the Sunset Overdrive bundle, which comes with the white Xbox One, although the game is due for release October 28th so gamers can expect the bundle to be released around the same time.

Originally the white Xbox Ones were only available to Microsoft employees who had worked on the console and featured an inscription that read “I Made This”. This move could be seen as an alternative option to Sony’s white Playstation 4 Destiny bundle which is due for release next month.

Below is the E3 trailer for Sunset Overdrive:





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