The developers of the immensely popular and challenging platformer Super Meat Boy, Team Meat, have announced a brand new game featuring the titular character named ‘Super Meat Boy Forever’.

The new game, which is currently being shown off at PAX Prime, will be released for PC and Tablets and will take a different form than its predecessor in that it will be an Endless Runner

Not much else, such as release date and price, is known about the game. Earlier this month Team Meat was teasing something called ‘A Voyeur For September‘, which when arranged in a different order becomes Super Meat Boy Forever.

Super Meat Boy was originally released in 2010 for the Xbox 360, PC, Mac, and Linux to critical acclaim. Team Meat, Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, and the development of the game was featured in the indie game documentary film Indie Game: The Movie, along with FEZ creator Phil Fish and Braid creator Jonathan Blow.



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