Tormentum – Dark Sorrow is an Indie Action Point and Click adventure game developed and published by OhNoo studio, a 3 man team who have high aspirations for entertainment and developing fantastic games and I have to say they nailed this one!

You play as a nameless character who has no knowledge of their past but is being carried on an airship to an unknown place, where you are going to be punished for crimes and sins that you have no knowledge of. The only person you can talk to in the beginning is a giant talking rat which is kind of creepy. The idea is for your character to explore the world in which he is held captive and eventually escape from this nightmarish prison, but it’s no easy task.

Tormentum 1

In the beginning the first thing that hits you is the absolutely beautiful art style. Upon further investigation I actually learned that 75 scenes, let me say that again 75 SCENES, have been hand painted which is just incredible. There are many additional scenes in the games and dozens of images and drawings have been created to fill the world around the character and the player themselves. I was totally blow away by the setting and visuals around me. It had a sense of fear and terror as well as an almost morbid beauty to it where everything you looked at or saw was such an interesting creation or so well drawn that the universe around the player really comes alive.

From my investigations into the game the developers took a lot of their inspiration from H.R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński and the final product of the game takes a lot of influence from Demon’s Souls or Dark Seed which have an incredible art style and are well known for their visuals. The scenes of this point and click adventure are moving a lot of the time, the player stays in the same location and just the mouse moves but there are elements of the scenes that will move around, follow the mouse or just move when interacted with and everything has a sluggish movement speed, now from the way I say it sounds bad right? Well it actually really helps to add fear into the scene. The horror movie with the slow moving enemy builds up more suspense that the typical jump scare and this is what I get from Tormentum.

Tormentum 2

The gameplay is pretty simplistic which I love as it makes you concentrate more on the visuals, it’s as simple as point at something, click and see if you can interact with it. Some things will require you to use something from your inventory to move forward and progress but other times it will be a puzzle that you need to finish and complete. The game uses instructional papers dotted around the map which help you find out how some of the machinery and puzzles work and this is a great way to use a sort of “Hint” system.

There are different characters for you to interact with as well and they are again morbidly beautiful and some of the monsters that have been created are fresh, interesting to look at and very, very well designed. There are moral choices throughout the game which will have an effect on the games ending and this allows for maximum replay ability and also allows you to craft a story for the main character. You just have to admire the simplicity of it.

The Audio in this game does an absolutely amazing job of building the world and the visuals in an amazing harmony and it really helps the world come alive. The audio isn’t just music in this but just ambient sounds that are happening throughout the world and level you’re in at the time. There are also some of the more grotesque noises in the game like people being tortured or interacting with various bits of equipment in the inventory or around the world. It all works so well together that the only way to truly experience it is to play it.

Tormentum 3

The game is currently available on Steam for £8.99 which I think is an amazing price for such an intense game, its roughly 4-6 hours long and you get the soundtrack to boot which is just fantastic! I feel that this is an absolutely fantastic game that is key for any point and click gamer or even someone who likes great visuals and amazing sounds and for that reason I’m giving it a great score.

Rating: 10/10

+ Amazing visuals

+ Fantastic audio

+ Amazing world created around the player

+ Moral choices keep it fresh



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