Today during the latest Nintendo Direct, Masahiro Sakuri, the director of Smash Bros, announced that every Smash Bros character will be getting it’s own Amiibo.

Amiibo 1

Revealing a handful of them so far, the newest wave consists of R.O.B, Duck Hunt, Game & Watch, Falco, with the Game & Watch Amiibo coming with different accessories that allow the figure to be put into different poses. As well as new Amiibo’s for Smash Bros characters, Nintendo also announced that they are making Amiibo’s available for custom made Mii’s with default bodies for Fighter, Swordfighter, and Gunner. These Amiibo’s are fully customizable within the game, are compatible with all of the newly announced DLC costumes, and are due out in September at the same time as the other announced Amiibo’s.

Amiibo 2

Lastly Nintendo also announced that Ryu from Street Fighter and Roy from Fire Emblem are now available for you to download as playable characters within both versions of Smash Bros. They also announced that both these characters, as well as Mewtwo and Lucas will be getting their own Amiibos as well at an unannounced date.

Heres the rest of everything Nintendo announced during the latest Nintendo Direct:

  • Upcoming DLC stages will include DreamLand from the original game on Nintendo 64
  • New Miiverse stage will show posts that appear in character-specific communitites
  • New Miiverse costumes: Megaman EXE, Zero, Isabelle, Splatoon Inklings, and Heihachi from Tekken
  • New feature will let you post replays directly to YouTube from Wii U
  • New elimination-style tournament mode coming in August
  • Suzaku Castle from Street Fighter will be available as a paid stage


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