Team 17 have announced that a DLC pack for Worms Battleground, Alien Invasion, is available right now to coincide with the game becoming free as part of Microsoft’s Games With Gold scheme.

The DLC will cost you £3.99, or roughly $4.99, however Xbox Live Gold members will be able to get a 20% discount should they wish to add to their worms fun!

Some of the features available in the new DLC are:

  • Bodycount: Choose two worms classes and play F.I.B agents who are tasked with fighting off wave after wave of aliens
  • 10 new Deathmatch missions. Play from the aliens perspective and try to annihilate the F.I.B agents who are trying to destroy your UFO’s
  • 5 Alien themed hats
  • 5 Alien themed gravestones
  • 2 Alien theme speech banks
  • 5 New weapons: Plasma Blaster, Energy Orb, Ray Gun, Brightsaber and Precision Droid
  • An added 5 new achievements for you to gain.



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